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Finding your online niche in a world with 1 billion websites is the veritable needle in the worldwide haystack. To stand out and be noticed is a major feat, requiring either a lot of advertising money and/or mad-scientist-know-how to understand the algorithms and find a loophole in the rules.

Progressive Web Apps

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Most business owners don’t have the resources when it comes to building their mobile brand. It isn’t that they are clueless, but it comes down to a time management factor that keeps them from digging into the unknown with big data and innovation.

Utilizing mobile applications (apps) are one way to help an overworked business owner stay on top of aspects such as online customer service and brand building, at the same time providing more value for their customers. They can also help manage their company’s budget, finances, and mobile payments, just to name a few.

Exactly How Many Apps Are Available

The number of mobile apps that are accessible is immense:

This statistic contains data on the number of apps available for download in leading app stores as of March 2017. As of that month, Android users were able to choose between 2.8 million apps. Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps.

Read the original post here:  • App stores: number of apps in leading app stores 2017

Progressive web apps

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According to the above-post from Statistica, the average time spent each day accessing online content from a mobile device is approximately two hours. The Millennial generation alone average is 185 minutes. Over three hours of their day is consumed by their phone or tablet!

Capitalizing on this behavior should be an influential part of all business decisions. One method for accomplishing this is to utilize progressive web apps.

What is a Progressive Web App

If you aren’t familiar with what a progressive web app is, they are applications that offer an experience which combines the best aspects of the web along with the advantages of mobile apps. They work for every user, no matter what browser they are using, because they are built with progressive enhancements and are responsive to all types of devices, including mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Combining the capabilities of apps and the reach of the web is the key to helping users get what they want. With reliable performance, push notifications, and the ability to have a launch icon on a phone’s home screen, these apps are more engaging which in turn offers a better conversion rate.

The stat that today there are 1 billion mobile Chrome users every month compared to 400 million one year ago is information that cannot be ignored…especially considering Chrome is only four years old.

The difference between a mobile website and an app is difficult to understand for the average user. Most people just want their experience to be seamless, no matter what the platform.

A summary of the contrasts is in the following post:

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps

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A mobile website is usually not a separate website, it’s a responsive design that works for all screen sizes. Mobile visitors should be able to access most of the content you have on your full website, but in a way that is optimized for smaller screens.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can do things websites can’t, like push notifications and offline access, but they also have cons. They aren’t necessary for some people, for example if you are a casual mommy blogger you probably don’t need an app. However, many businesses can benefit from one, let’s look at the pros and cons.

See more about the pros and cons here:  Is a mobile app better than a mobile website?

Keeping your organization visible to your customers at all times will preserve your company in the forefront of their mind. Every time they unlock their phone, even if they aren’t going to your app, they will see your icon on their mobile screen to remind them you are still there.

Providing a direct marketing channel to your products or services not only improves engagement but builds your brand. Create loyal clients by giving them what they want: an amazing online experience they won’t forget.

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