High Engagement Influencers

We’ve all seen the testimonials from celebrities on how much they love a specific product and use it in their daily routine, which generally helps to boost brand recall. Because of their celebrity status, this is an effective method to drive buyer intent through their endorsement of a company’s products or services.

What is Influencer Marketing

Another way to reach customers is through influencer marketing. This is a process of leveraging a person who is well known in social media circles, but not necessarily in the traditional celebrity world. Because of their strong reputation and massive amount of followers, this approach has been becoming more and more popular with advertisers.

YouTube influencers are an especially hot commodity. In fact, in this report by Think With Google, when considering influencer marketing vs celebrity marketing, YouTube influencers can take brand familiarity to the next level:

Where YouTube creators really start to gain the upper hand is in deeper brand involvement. Brand familiarity is a good example. If we want an audience to really understand us, our work, our values, or our products, then collaborations with YouTube creators are 4X more effective at driving lift in brand familiarity than those with celebrities [see data].2

When it comes to purchase intent, it’s an even match: our research found that influencers were just as likely as celebrities to drive buying decisions [see data].3

YouTube Influencer

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Influencer marketing appears to play a fundamentally more pragmatic role. Why? My hunch is that it’s because fans feel very connected to the YouTubers they love. The best creators have formed authentic bonds with their fans, which means fans trust what they have to say, and turn to them for brand and product recommendations.

Most people have a movie star that they love, but as far as feeling any connection with them, that’s a little different. They are so far removed from the “real world” that you’re not even sure they are authentic.

YouTube Influencers

On the other hand, YouTube creators many times seem more like “regular people,” just like you and me. They don’t always have that polished Photoshop look, which also makes them seem more down to Earth.

There is, of course, a crossover between celebrities and influencers, as many famous people also have a huge number of followers on multiple social media platforms. However, in this case, we are referring to those that became well-known due to their YouTube channel or social media persona that no one had heard of previously.

In this video, the hosts discuss tips for using high-engagement influencers:

Authenticity seems to be the key to a brand partnering with an influencer. If the advertiser scripts what the influencer will do or say, it comes across as forced and not natural.

Creating an ongoing relationship between the two, almost a partnership, will help connect viewers to the brand and cement their long-term loyalty.  This positive relationship between the brand and influencer tends to reach way more viewers, increasing the return on investment.

Ironically, many celebs have a ton of followers but very little personal engagement with them. They seem untouchable and unreachable, which can have its own allure, but not with the millennial generation.

Mobile Marketing and Millennials

This post touches on why there is a disconnect with celebrities and today’s youth:

The only way to reach certain demographics and psychographics. Some consumers don’t watch TV, listen to terrestrial radio, read newspapers or magazines (printed) and are probably looking at their cell phones while being driven past billboards by their driverless Uber cars (OK, not driverless yet).mobile devices and millennials

Read more here…

There are some risks with influencer marketing such as if they get into a situation where they bring negative publicity to themselves, which can also reflect on your brand. This can happen with celebrities also, and the advertising company always needs to have a backup plan for damage control.

There is also the regulatory environment to deal with, where sponsored content isn’t fully disclosed, causing legal problems. The business needs to understand and follow the rules provided by government entities as well as the digital guidelines with Google and other organizations that have all the power.

Online marketing is ever changing and ultra-competitive, so finding methods that work will help you and your brand receive more recognition. Want to learn more about video marketing? Give us a call at (303) 800-6866.

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