One of Google’s features released in mid-2017 is Google My Business (GMB) Posts. If you aren’t using posts yet, you should be!Locating GMB Link on Mobile

Posts allow you to showcase products, services, events, or special deals in conjunction with other Google platforms like maps and search. With GMB Posts tied to the other Google assets, you can easily expand your local search marketing strategy.

Here’s more on how the process works for desktop users according to Google’s GMB Support:

Sign in to Google My Business.  If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage. Click Create post,  or click Posts from the menu. The “Create post” screen appears. Choose which type of post you’d like to create from the options given. Options to add photos, videos, text, events,  and a button to your post appear. Click each field and enter any relevant information. Click Preview to see a preview of your post. If you’re happy with your preview, click Publish in the top right corner of the screen. If you’d like to change your post, click Back on the top left of the screen to continue editing your draft until it’s ready to publish.

Before using the GMB Posts, you have to claim and verify your Google My Business listing. Click here to go through the step by step process, or get a hold of us and we will manage it for you.

Posts can be directly shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email. In addition, you can get a shareable link to spread the word anywhere you like.

Another benefit of using GMB Posts is that your most recent post is displayed at the bottom of your knowledge graph on search.

Many people today don’t mess around with a desktop computer. They want total freedom and mobility. Based on Google’s update in March with mobile sites being indexed first, I’d say Google is on board with these on-the-go users.

If you want to create a Google My Business Post on mobile, the method is similar to using a desktop. First of all, you need to make sure you have the GMB app on your phone and you are ready to go.

This video demonstrates the process:

GMB Posts expire after one week, so to keep your site fresh, you need to continue to re-post each week. For some, this might be a little frustrating, but putting forth the effort can have big rewards.

It can generate natural organic traffic that only Google can offer. We all know that Google loves Google, so you are bound to benefit from using their products.

Google Posts also create a new place for customers to take immediate action, helping to diversify your marketing efforts. Each post needs to have an eye-catching image and a straightforward call to action.

Here are some potential GMB Post ideas from

  • If you’re having an event (like a webinar or a seminar about your chiropractic practice) you can set up an event Post with a date and time, then add a link to the registration page.Messaging on Google My Business Listings
  • Do you have a sale going on during a specific time? Create a “sale” event Post.
  • Does your latest blog post rock? Add a short description and link to the post on your blog.
  • New product you want to feature? Show a picture of this cool gadget and link to where people can make the purchase.
  • Want to spread holiday joy? Give potential customers a holiday message Post.

S&S Pro Services offers a great starter package to optimize your Google My Business listing, including a keyword rich description about your company that links out to your website and multiple posts per week. Give your local search a boost by getting in touch with us to learn more at (303) 800-6866.

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